Call for Participants: Making Smart Moves Study

Call for Participants: Making Smart Moves Study

The SMART-MOVE study is seeking volunteers!

Studies have shown that being sedentary for long periods increases risk of falls, heart disease, diabetes, and death. The average older adult spends up to 70% of their waking time being inactive. This figure increases further after a fall.

The SMART-MOVE research study intends to evaluate ways to reduce inactivity time in people with falls or at risk of one.

This research is seeking volunteers to participate for 6 months. The research is conducted at either The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woodville South or Adelaide Geriatric Training and Research with Aged Care (G-TRAC) Centre, Paradise.

To be eligible for this research you must be 65 years or older AND have one of the following:
• Had a fall in the past 12 months
• Feels unsteady when standing or walking
• Worries about falling

Interested or want more information, please contact Dr Kareeann Khow on 8313 2144 or kareeann.khow@adelaide.edu.au

Recruitment will be opened from 15 July till 31 December 2017.

This study has been approved by The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Human Research Ethics Committee (TQEH/LMH/MH) HREC/17/TQEH/58