Requests For Participation

Requests for Participation

COTA SA frequently contributes to policy development through consultations and submissions - we also open up consultations on specific issues as they arrive and welcome your input on these.

Additionaly COTA SA often recieves requests for participation in research, surveys or input into the decision making process from other organisations.

Current consultations and requests are listed on this page.

Call for Participants: Bridge Employment and Adjusting to Retirement Study

You are invited to participate in a study aimed at increasing understanding of bridge employment and retirement.

Bridge employment is defined as any paid work that a person engages in after s/he retires from her/his major career job/work. In order to participate in this research, you need to be formally retired from your major career job/work as well as currently engaged in any form of paid work.

This study involves an online survey that takes about 30 minutes to complete.

For more information see https://www.cotasa.org.au/requests/bridge-employment-retirement.aspx

Call for Participants: Making Smart Moves Study

Studies have shown that being sedentary for long periods increases risk of falls, heart disease, diabetes, and death. The average older adult spends up to 70% of their waking time being inactive. This figure increases further after a fall.  The SMART-MOVE research study intends to evaluate ways to reduce inactivity time in people with falls or at risk of one.

This research is seeking volunteers to participate for 6 months.

For more information see https://www.cotasa.org.au/requests/smart-moves-study.aspx

Research on Exercise and Hip Strenth in Women

Are you a female aged between 50 and 70? If so, you may be interested in getting involved in this Flinders University study.

Flinders University are looking for women between 50 and 70 years of age to volunteer into a research program on exercise and bone health.

For more information see https://www.cotasa.org.au/requests/hip-strength-exercise-women-study.aspx

Self-compassion and Commitment to Exercise in Midlife and Older Adults

William Tierney from the University of Adelaide is researching the role of self-compassion in the relationship between commitment to exercise, attitudes to ageing, and responses to barriers in midlife and older adults. Results could help to determine the most effective ways to encourage engagement and commitment to exercise, and in turn, improve the health and functional capacity of midlife and older adults.

For more information see https://www.cotasa.org.au/requests/items/commitment-to-exercise.aspx.

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