Requests For Participation

Requests for Participation

COTA SA frequently contributes to policy development through consultations and submissions - we also open up consultations on specific issues as they arrive and welcome your input on these.

Additionaly COTA SA often recieves requests for participation in research, surveys or input into the decision making process from other organisations.

Current consultations and requests are listed on this page.

Impact of radio on the lives of older people

Researchers from The University of Melbourne are looking for individuals to help us understand how radio impacts the lives of older adults. This will provide insights on current radio listening practices and how they might relate to older listeners' sense of well-being.

Participants will only need to complete a short questionnaire online (paper copies are also available upon request):http://bit.ly/cbfsurvey

People are eligible to join this study if they are 65 years or older.
Project Title: Radio for well-being engagement
Project Ethics ID: 1749766.

More information: Amanda Krause | (03) 9035 6134 | Amanda.Krause@unimelb.edu.au | www.cbf.com.au/wellbeing