Left turn on red light

We need your opinion

The Government is seeking your view on amendments to the Road Traffic Act 1961 which would in effect increase the number of Left Turn on Red locations in South Australia.

In South Australia, 11 Left Turn on Red (‘LTOR') sites were trialled in the metro area that were deemed suitable. However, due to poor observance of the rule, primarily related to drivers not stopping before executing the left turn & therefore putting pedestrians and cyclists at risk, the signs were removed at five of these sites.

Left turn on redThe Government is of the view that Left Turn on Red signs may compromise the safety of pedestrians and cyclists as the Left turning driver's attention is diverted away from vulnerable road users to seek gaps in the approaching traffic from the right.

The Government is instead continuing to install safer options for managing left turns such as slip lanes, left turn arrows and sheltered ‘left turn with care' facilities.

Centre for Automotive Safety Research Associate Professor Jeremy Woolley has also stated the following in the proposal:

CASR is not supportive of a wide scale deployment of left turn on red treatments and would prefer that road users are provided with unambiguous traffic control such as green turn arrows.

Road users are faced with complex decision making tasks at intersections and the simpler we can make those tasks the safer things will be.

Even when guided by green signals, road users are still having collisions and there are particular vulnerabilities for cyclists and pedestrians.

Permitting manoeuvring during a red light phase adds to the complexity of intersection operation and many of the intersection users who have a green light may be unaware that someone might pull out on an adjacent approach.

If you would like to make any comments on please forward them to Nicola Thurston at nthurston@cotasa.org.au by the 7th of April, 2017.