Flinders University Fit To Work Study

Want to help Flinders University to understand the work-related physical requirements of Older Australians

Are you an Older Australian, and interested in finding out about your fitness and health?

Flinders University is conducting a study of the health and fitness of older adults in South Australia. The current retirement age is 65 years, and this will be raised to 67 years within the next 7 years. It is therefore important to understand how healthy and fit older adults are, and how this may relate to employment.

Are you...

  • Aged between 60 and 69 years old
  • Live in the community in metropolitan Adelaide
  • Interested in learning more about your own health and fitness

If so, we would love to hear from you!

What is involved:

You will be tested on an exercise bike wearing a heart monitor.

  • Pre-exercise screening will be performed
  • Personalised health and fitness report will be given
  • Light breakfast will be provided.

For more information please contact Dr Lynda Norton on 08 8201 5830, or e-mail: Lynda.norton@flinders.edu.au

This research project has been approved by the Southern Adelaide Clinical Human Research Ethics Committee (Project number: 300.16)