Participants needed Ageing and Brain Function Study

The Motor Control Laboratory at The University of Adelaide is looking for volunteers to participate in studies investigating how ageing affects the control of hand muscles.

The studies will involve an assessment of the pathway from the brain to the hand muscles by giving a series of brief (painless) magnetic pulses that make the hand twitch briefly. The electrical activity in these muscles is measured with electrodes temporarily attached to the skin.

To volunteer, participants must be aged 60-85 years.

Participants should NOT have:

  • Neurological impairment or epilepsy
  • A cardiac pacemaker
  • Metal implants in the brain or skull

The study will involve between 1-4 sessions that each last between 2 and 3 hours and you will be compensated for your time.

To register or for further information, contact: Dr George Opie, tel: 8313 4157, e: george.opie@adelaide.edu.au

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