Volunteers needed: Ageing and Brain Function

The Integrative human neurophysiology lab at the University of Adelaide is looking for volunteers to investigate how ageing affects the cells in your brain.

The studies will involve non-invasive and painless stimulation pulses on your brain and nerves in your hand. The electrical activity would be measured via electrodes placed directly on the hand muscles.

Participants must be aged between 60-85, not have any neurological impairments, no cardiac pacemakers or metallic implants in the brain or skull.

Depending on the study type, it may involve 1-4 sessions (approximately 2 hours each session) and you will be compensated $15 per hour for your time.

To register or for more information please contact Dr Simran Sidhu email: simran.sidhu@adelaide.edu.au or tel: 8313 1235

This study has been approved by The University of Adelaide ethics committee (approval number: H-026-2008)