Health Priority Groups

Health Priority Groups

Run by Adelaide PHN, Health Priority Groups bring together health professionals, service providers and community members to work collaboratively to provide input into the strategic direction and work of Adelaide PHN.

Groups represent population health priority areas and include:

Health Priority Groups are able to raise and discuss relevant primary health care issues, identify solutions and advocate for action.

Groups are not limited in size and are open to any stakeholder or organisation in the Adelaide metropolitan region, living or working in the region. Members will assist in developing terms of reference for their group, with additional Health Priority Groups added as new health priorities emerge.

Each Health Priority Group will be a member of the APHN, providing advice to the APHN Board.
For general information visit the Adelaide PHN website. For further information on the groups, please contact Stacey Hall, Collaborations Officer at shall@adelaidephn.com.au or call 0403 694 129.