Share: South Australia's Collaborative Economy Challenge

Share: South Australia's Collaborative Economy Challenge

Share has over $100,000 in prizes for ideas that respond to the question:

How can we create value or address a pressing social problem, by using our existing idle or wasted resources (e.g. assets, products/goods, information/data, expertise, space, etc)?

Share invites people to submit an idea for a business or social initiative that uses sharing economy principles.

The best ideas will be selected as finalists and further developed before a pitch event is held to decide the winners.

Who Can Take Part?

Do you have great ideas that could:

•be delivered in and create economic or social value for South Australia
•better use existing assets and resources
•address a pressing social issue (e.g homelessness).

If so, this is the challenge for you. Anyone with an idea of how we can create additional value from existing South-Australian based resources is invited to take part in Share. We want to hear from people with ideas for sharing economy enterprises and organisations or individuals who own or control underused resources.

Share is an opportunity to receive financial and other support and recognition for a great idea. We want to help shape new ideas and turn them into viable initiatives.

What is the Collaborative Economy?

The sharing or collaborative, economy is a system that unlocks the value of existing idle or wasted resources through marketplaces or networks.It matches people with a ‘need' to people with a ‘have' (a resource), generating additional social, economic or environmental value.

Share is encouraging ideas that use idle or underused resources in the public, private or not-for-profit sectors.

For more information and to take part in the challenge visit https://share.yoursay.sa.gov.au/