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Postcards from behind the COVID curtain

Postcards from behind the COVID curtain

Presenting Postcards from Behind the COVID Curtain:

We're delighted to present this video containing stories from five of the people who generously shared their experiences Behind the COVID Curtain.

About the projectPostcards from behind the COVID curtain

On the 29th of March 2020 the Australian Government asked those over the age of 70 to self-isolate for their own protection. 

Funded by the South Australian Government, Postcards from Behind the COVID Curtain was our response. Postcards was an opportunity both for older South Australians to record their experiences during this extraordinary period and to connect with friends or family. Participants registered and were sent two postcards:

  • Postcard 1 - Was a reply paid postcard for older people to share their COVID-19 experiences... What they hated, what they loved, challenges and silver linings. How they filled their days - by catching up on all those jobs which have been put off, or nothing at all. Postcards were returned filled with stories, sketches, poems, letters and more...
  • Postcard 2 - Was for sending to anyone the participant chose... It could be for rekindling contact with someone who's fallen out of touch, a mate who may need cheering up, a new friend, or popping in a neighbour's letterbox.