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We have different options which offer independent support and information around accessing and engaging with My Aged Care services. Click on the heading below to read more:

Video Series

COTA SA is pleased to share with you our Let's Talk Aged Care video series. These are comprehensive sessions providing an overview of my aged care including one on advance care directives.

10 March - New video! In the latest addition to our Let's Talk Aged Care video series, we're pleased to present this engaging session just for the men

The other videos have been combined for ease of watching, you can watch the combined series of videos below:

To watch the videos individually click the following links:

Prefer subtitles on the videos?

These can be found on our YouTube channel here: Let's Talk Aged Care Videos with Embedded Subtitles

Aged Care Specialist Support Worker

Metropolitan Adelaide

  • Julie Lawrie 0484 143 772 or 1800 182 324

Rainbow Hub Aged Care Navigator Coordinator

  • Jackie Wurm 08 8224 5581