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Aged Care Navigators Trial

National Trial

The Aged Care Navigator Trial is running nationally until end June 2020.

31 public facing organisations, led by COTA Australia, are delivering 62 trials testing different types of services and activities to help people across Australia learn more about Government supported aged care programs and how to access them.

The services on offer include 32 Information Hubs, 21 Community Hubs and 9 Specialist Support Workers and cover a mix of regional, rural and metropolitan locations.

What is COTA SA delivering as part of this trial?

COTA SA is offering services regionally in the South East and some specific services in Metropolitan Adelaide. These are detailed below.

South East

Information Hubs

The Hubs provide tailored information in various convenient locations in the South East. The Hubs are supported by a part-time COTA SA Project Officer and or trained and local volunteers.

The aim of the Hub is to help people build their own knowledge of aged care supports, by guiding them through the steps from information to receiving care.

Where will the Hubs be?

The Hubs will be in easy to access places like libraries, community centres or other venues where people, particularly older persons, visit and feel comfortable. Services will be promoted locally.

Drop in Aged Care Information Hubs are now available in:

  • Kingston SE
    Every Monday, 10am-11:30am at Kingston Community School Library
  • Millicent
    Every Thursday, 10am-12noon at Millicent Public Library
  • Naracoorte
    Every Monday, 10am-11:30am at Naracoorte Public Library
  • Penola
    Every 2nd and 4th Saturday, 10am-12noon, Penola Visitor Information Centre
  • Robe
    Every 1st and 3rd Monday, 10am-12noon at Robe Visitor Information Centre
A flier with all the hubs listed can be downloaded here

Watch this space a Hub is opening soon in Mount Gambier too.

I can't get to a Hub?

That's okay, Hub staff and or the volunteers are available to visit your social group or club to give a talk and assist people thereafter. This option will need booking in advance but will be easily organised.

What sort of help can I receive at the Hubs?

  • Assistance can be in small groups or one-on-one
  • Help contacting My Aged Care
  • Take home fact sheets and other resources
  • Assistance with filling of relevant forms
  • Attendance to community workshops and information sessions

Who are the Hub services for?

If you are having difficulty engaging the services you need through the existing channels, the Hub is for you. However, while the Hubs can assist everyone, they are particularly there to support you if your financial situation is preventing you from accessing the aged care services you need, you otherwise have no-one else to help you, you have limited or no access to technology, including if you just don't use computers.

Specialist Support Worker

COTA SA also has a Specialist Support Worker. The Hub will refer you to this worker if you have more complex requirements for individual support which will be provided over the phone, online if applicable or face to face by special arrangement.

Who can I contact to find out more about the Hubs and Specialist Support Worker?

Helen Morley
COTA SA Specialist Support Worker (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)
P: Country Callers (free) 1800 182 324
M: 0484 143 772
E: hmorley@cotasa.org.au

Metropolitan Adelaide

LGBTI Community Hub

The Hub will provide tailored information in convenient locations over Metropolitan Adelaide. The Hubs will be supported by trained volunteers. Many activities will be delivered at COTA SA, 16 Hutt Street.

What sort of help can I receive at the Hub?

The same as at the Information Hub above, however the LGBTI Community Hub will also offer social gatherings and healthy ageing forums for the LGBTI community.

Who is the Hub service for?

The whole LGBTI community but particularly if:

  • you are having difficulty engaging the services you need through the existing channels available
  • you have no-one else to help you
  • you have limited or no access to technology, including if
    • you simply don't use computers
    • or if you have special accessibility requirements such as vision impairment
    • or perhaps you support someone with, or are living with dementia yourself

Who will be assisting me at the Community Hub?

Trained volunteers from the LGBTI community

Who can I contact to find out more about the Hub?

Jackie Wurm
Project Officer - LGBTI Communities
P: 08 8232 0422
E: jwurm@cotasa.org.au

More information on the trial

The Aged Care Navigators Trial is delivered by COTA SA as part of a consortium led by COTA Australia and funded by the Australian Government