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Pills and Spills | Manage your medicines effectively and outline strategies to prevent falls

Pills & Spills

medicines and falls prevention

Two free information sessions are available to seniors clubs and groups during 2016.

Pills & Spills - medicines

Around 1 in 3 unplanned hospital admissions for older Australians are related to problems with medicines. Half of these could have been prevented. More health problems, multiple medicines and other changes with age make older people more vulnerable to medicine problems. (NPS Medicinewise)

Learn about your medicines and how to improve health and well-being through managing your health, communicating effectively with your doctor and pharmacist, and good medicine management.

Pills & Spills - falls prevention

Falls are the most common cause of injuries amongst older people and the top reason for hospital trauma admission.

1 in every 10 days spent in hospital by a person ages 65 or over was directly attributed to an injurious fall. (Australian Institute or Health and Wellbeing)

Strategies on how to reduce your risk of a fall and what to do if you have a fall will be discussed.

Session Availability

1 hour sessions  are now available to seniors' clubs and groups during 2016. Contact the Bookings Office for more information.

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