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Other News

COTA SA regularly follows developments in the news relating to our areas of work; items which may be of particular interest to site visitors will be included on this page. For updates on our recent activities and newest additions to the site, please see Latest News.

Other News
Social contact on menu for older Aussies
5/11/2015 - Community dining may be an answer to the loneliness and undernutrition suffered by many older Australians. An innovative program called Test Kitchen is being trialled in Port Augusta in regional South Australia.
FECCA's 2020 Vision for Older CALD Australians
5/11/2015 - The Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia (FECCA) has been working to promote better outcomes and improve access to services for older CALD Australians as they age and enter the aged care system in Australia. This includes either services in the home or residential aged care.
How older people can use the internet to avoid loneliness
3/11/2015 - Placing someone in solitary confinement is usually seen as our most extreme forms of legally sanctioned punishment. And with good reason. Research suggests that loneliness can be as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day...
Adelaide cyclists can learn from Japan's tolerance for riders on footpaths, Prospect Mayor says
27/10/2015 - Tolerance between cyclists and pedestrians is the key to safe footpath sharing in Adelaide, says a suburban mayor who has just seen how riders cope in busy cities in Japan
Technology ideas for older people to be pitched at 30in30in30 Adelaide workshop
6/10/2015 - Technology which can help older people stay in their homes longer is being explored at a series of global workshops, with Adelaide hosting the Australian event.
Gay-friendly aged care: A work in progress
7/10/2015 - Our industry champions respecting each person and meeting individual needs, but ignorance of the needs and feelings of LGBTI people can cut across our best intentions, writes John Clarke. For most people, considering a move to residential aged care can be difficult enough, but it’s even harder when they may be faced with barriers owing to their sexual orientation or gender status.
Seniors on Screen 2015
This very popular screening programme features films direct from the A-List film festival circuit. It is the ideal place for you to stay abreast of the best cinema from around the world, as well as enjoy special events like Q&As, From Page To Screen and Behind the Scenes discussions.
Caught in an intergenerational squeeze, grandparents juggle work and childcare
28/9/2015 - Grandparents are the most popular providers of childcare in Australia today. This reliance on them exposes weaknesses in current labour market and childcare policies
Stakeholders welcome new minister but urge reform agenda be maintained
23/9/2015 - Sector welcomes new minister but says the momentum on reforms cannot be lost and key measures are required to provide certainty for providers and consumers
How virtual reality is helping aged care residents connect
22/9/2015 - Sitting in her room at a Red Cliffs aged care facility, Dorothy Vale carefully takes off her glasses, and puts on a pair of goggles. The 86 year old is looking forward to a visit to Hawaii, flying over volcanoes and the ocean in a helicopter.
LGBT people with dementia struggle to find welcoming aged care, research finds
23/9/2015 - When Paul Wenn told his life partner Tony Walsh his doctor had suggested Paul should go to a memory clinic, they both had a good laugh.But then Paul forgot to go. And when Tony realised he had slowly assumed all responsibility for running their household, they knew the changes in Paul were serious.
Positive Aging Benefits from Video Games according to Report
14/9/2015 - The video game demographic has now expanded well beyond Gen Y and according to the Digital New Zealand report recently launched, is having a greater impact than anyone could have imagined.
One third of Australians over 60 living below poverty line: Global AgeWatch Index
9/9/2015 - One-third of Australians over the age of 60 are now living below the poverty line, a global report has found.
How Do We Design Cities for the Third Age?
9/9/2015 - Not everyone wants a sea or tree change in retirement. An increasing number of people are deciding to stay put in the cities they know and love.
The secret sex lives of seniors: conference reveals diversity and demand
8/9/2015 - At what age do you plan to retire your genitals?That's the response Joan Price gives journalists who interview the senior sex expert and raise the "ick" factor, the "oh, creepy, older people having sex, how disgusting" line, she says.
The Canberra Times 2015 Fun Run's oldest competitor an inspiration to younger generations
6/9/2015 - At 83, he was the oldest person to take part in The Canberra Times 2015 Fun Run.
Matters of the brain spark dementia talks in Bendigo
3/9/2015 - People think as they get older they're going to get dementia, but that is not the case - not everyone will
Household water bills in South Australia to fall by $51
1/9/2015 - Water prices for South Australian households are set to be cut by an average of $51 a year from next financial year.
Physical exercise has anti-ageing effect, research finds
31/8/2015 - Physical exercise can have an anti-ageing effect, according to a German study presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress over the weekend
Seniors-Focused Exercise Parks Could Be The Answer To Healthier Ageing
31/8/2015 - The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects have released an official view that seniors-focused exercise parks could be an answer to a healthier ageing population.
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