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The Plug-in: Influencers of modern ageing

On 5th September, COTA SA proudly introduced The Plug-in to our members and friends.

This followed the Premier's launch of SA's Ageing Well industry focused on world class innovation and technologies designed for older people. The Premier's announcement included an international conference to be held in November and a world class Living Laboratory network.

The Premier also announced that COTA SA will partner with the State Government to establish The Plug-in, a community of older people trained in research processes to provide feedback and help with the design of new technology, services, policy and products that support ageing well.

The Plug-in is, very literally, a community of older people who are willing to be "plugged in" to research and innovation about services and products targeting older people.

The Plug-in is based on our opportunity in SA to:

  • Build a bright economic future on the back of a transformative new industry - Ageing Well.
  • Position SA as a global leader in "ageing well" innovation that is wanted by older people
  • Create a world first approach in co-design 
  • Provide purpose and meaning for older South Australians through opportunities to be directly involved in promoting SA's economic and innovative future.

The Plug-in will create a connection with an end using community, humanising and connecting the living labs with people who can become both influencers of design and development but also champions of new products and services.
We began the development:

  • because industry, researchers and start ups were exploring the potential for much better collaboration with each other through mechanisms like living laboratories; 
  • because much innovation - including technology - misses the mark with modern older people; and
  • because older people tell us they love to contribute to the design of services and products that would better meet their needs and aspirations if only someone would ask them.

For older people, it is an opportunity to be matched with opportunities to influence that reflect their circumstances, profiles and interests. The Plug-in community will reflect the diversity of modern ageing - across income, health, age, location, interest, culture etc.

For industry and innovators, The Plug-in is an efficient way to access well matched end users including at scale.

The Plug-in will create an active "community" for living labs, making them accessible and welcoming to all older people. End users will be able to influence throughout the innovation cycle, imagining, developing, trialling, taking to market, and perhaps being part of teaching peers to use emerging inventions.

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