COTA SA submission to the 2016-17 State Budget

Each year COTA SA provides recommendations to the Government of South Australia to consider in its Budget formulations. The recommendations are the result of a range of consultations and surveys, under the guidance of the COTA SA Policy Council and Board.

Following is a summary of COTA SA's submission to the 2016-17 State Budget.

Living Laboratories

1. The SA Government provide seed funding for a partnership to design and establish a specialised ageing co- design environment, capable of supporting the identification, iteration and testing of services and products for Australian and international markets.

Every Generation Festival

2. The SA Government allocate an additional $250,000 in 2015-2016 to support the redevelopment of the Every Generation Festival.

Transforming Health

3. As part of Transforming Health the SA Government establish a clear model of service for older people in consultation with older people, and primary, social and community care.

4. The SA Government to develop a range of measurable KPIs that ensure the change in clinical outcomes and patient experience as a result of Transforming Health are monitored and utilised to inform the change process. It is suggested the Health Performance Council work with COTA SA, SA Health, the Local Health Networks and other key stakeholders to determine and monitor appropriate indicators.

People Powered Health

5. The SA Government contribute funding to a pilot project to design and test a consumer-led, first of its kind trial of People Powered Health in South Australia.


Affordable Housing

6. The SA Government commission a review of housing available to older people and particularly for older people likely to be experiencing housing stress. It is recommended that part of this review includes consideration of initiatives that will assist older people to achieve housing that is affordable, accessible and that enables continuing engagement and contribution to their communities.

Age Friendly Housing

7. The SA Government review the State Housing Grant involving consultation with older people and consider other options that would support people to age well in their homes.

Residential Parks

8. The SA Government proceed as a matter of urgency with its proposed review of the Residential Parks Act 2007, and that the review includes a wide consultation process, including COTA SA and SARPRA.

Age Friendly Communities & Access to Transport

Age Friendly Communities

9. The SA Government fund the extension of the age friendly communities program in cooperation with local councils and that particular attention is paid to rural and regional centres experiencing economic downturn

10. That the SA Government follow the deregulation of cycling on footpaths with work to provide -

  • More clarity around the rights of pedestrians under these new rules;
  • A review of the impact of the new approach to footpath use to enable ongoing monitoring and fine tuning;
  • An education campaign for all road users;
  • Consideration of further regulations that might govern speed and behaviour on footpaths;
  • Consideration of how pedestrians might be insured if they were to be injured by a cyclist;
  • Continued work to build more bikeways.


11. The SA Government consider the extension of transport concessions beyond off-peak times.

12. The SA Government reviews the Community Passenger Networks in rural and regional SA in light of changes to the Commonwealth Home Support Program, and works with local communities to ensure that affordable and accessible transport is a priority in regional development.


13. That COTA SA is funded by the SA Government to continue its work to promote mature employment and raise awareness of options and strategies to support older workers. This would include -

  • developing and articulating the business case for mature age workers;
  • developing new models of employment, such as job sharing between employees, which facilitates access to meaningful and sustainable work including in regional South Australia;
  • supporting older workers to plan for their later working lives through good career advice and access to training and reskilling for areas of jobs growth (as recommended by Age and Disability Commissioner Susan Ryan);
  • segmenting the workforce participation rate of older people (and distinguishing between males and females) to better analyse and measure outcomes for those underemployed as well as unemployed.

Rural & Regional Communities

14. That COTA SA is funded by the SA Government to support and facilitate older people's involvement in discussions about the future of rural and regional communities that are experiencing financial downturn.

15. That COTA SA is funded by the State Government to support and facilitate community collaborations comprised of community members, key stakeholders, service providers, councils and local businesses to consider local issues, develop strategies in response and mobilise actions to address the negative consequences of financial downturn.


16. The SA Government program of installing solar panels in public housing is accelerated, and that people on low incomes receive incentives to install solar panels.

Elder Protection

17. That the SA Government -

  • provide ongoing funding for the SA Elder Abuse Prevention Phone Line currently being trialled in SA;
  • commit to legislative reform to enable a consistent, coordinated response to prevent and respond to the abuse and harm of vulnerable older people;
  • develop and implement a clear elder abuse response framework, embedded within a human rights based approach;
  • work with other states and territories to establish a national framework on elder abuse with particular focus initially on data collection around prevalence in the first instance.


18. The SA Government consider ways to overcome current barriers to volunteering such as red tape, high transport costs and lack of access to Return to Work provisions after a certain age.

Download a copy of the full COTA SA submission to the 2016-17 State Budget.