Membership Options

COTA SA Membership

Membership Options

Through our membership COTA SA is connected to thousands of older people throughout South Australia. We are creating new images and expectations of our older years by opening up new possibilities and opportunities... boldly reframing the way we age.
We welcome members who want to support our work, get involved - and, of course, access the great membership benefits we have on offer. We have three different membership options available to ensure that anyone who wants to be part of COTA SA can join.

Individuals and Couples

COTA provides its members with the chance to belong to an organisation that works with them and for them. Our members participate in various programs and events, get to meet and connect with others and are provided with opportunities to improve their lifestyle. We also help raise awareness of the contributions that older Australians continue to make.

Individual membership is open to any person who wants to get involved, support our work and access a great range of benefits. Single or joint memberships are available.  Visit the COTA Membership Website for more information and to join as an individual member of COTA.

What our members say

  • I joined because I saw COTA SA on television speaking up for the rights of older people in South Australia. I think we need that.
  • COTA SA recognises my efforts as a volunteer so I feel I have done something worthwhile.
  • COTA SA supports my strong belief in social justice.
  • My membership costs were covered after dining out just twice using my Ambassador Card. Now every time I dine out I save!
  • By using the COTA SA Strength for Life program I maintain my health and continue to be active.
  • No-one is irrelevant or unheard at COTA SA. People matter.
  • I want government and planners to listen to older wisdom.

Seniors Clubs and Groups

We are pleased to welcome clubs, groups and associations for seniors as members of COTA SA.

Membership benefits include:
  • Online editions of our COTA SA e-News
  • Four editions of the ONECOTA national magazine
  • Discounted Club Insurance
  • Invitations to special COTA SA events and information sessions
  • Voting rights for a delegate of your club at COTA SA meetings and elections
Club membership fee is $60.00.

See a list of our current member clubs here.

Contact Us to join COTA SA now or for more information


We welcome organisations who want to stand behind the independent work of COTA SA as COTA SA Supporters.

Visit the COTA SA Supporters page for more information