Mature Women Can

Mature Women Can

Dr Susan Mitchell, South Australia’s Mature Women’s Ambassador and COTA SA, in partnership with the Office For The Ageing and the Office For Women, is proud to present Mature Women Can!

This resource makes a compelling case for increasing the participation of mature women in employment.  In a series of in-depth interviews, the Ambassador spoke to many South Australian women, who told us about the barriers they face in the paid workforce. Their stories have shaped Mature Women Can!, and we thank all of these women for coming forward and sharing their personal stories with us.

The Ambassador will use Mature Women Can! as the basis for conversation with business; it also marks the beginning of our social media campaign.

Share your stories, ideas and solutions with us, whether you’re an individual, a business or another kind of organisation. Use #maturewomencan on Facebook and Twitter to get involved.  

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