Moving Right Along

Obligations and opportunities for older drivers

  • Are you an older driver?
  • Considering retiring from driving?
  • Considering a motorised mobility scooter?

Come and visit us at COTA SA for an information session about the obligations and opportunities for older drivers.

When: Thursday 10th May
Time: 10am - 12.30pm
Where: COTA SA, 16 Hutt Street, Adelaide SA 500

Cost: FREE. Includes morning tea and information pack.

  • COTA SA volunteer educators will talk about continuing to drive safely, your health and your car and the various assessments used to measure your fitness to drive.
  • Retiring from driving can be a difficult decision and is sometimes one taken out of your hands by a health professional. Discuss the different ways of continuing to get around and maintaining your independence.
  • Motorised mobility scooters may be of interest to you as an alternative to walking. Come along and learn about the applicable road rules, what to look for when buying and how to use a scooter safely.

This session is free, and will cover all three topics. Please book on 8232 0422 or events@cotasa.org.au

Sessions can also be held at your venue for your seniors group free of charge anywhere in South Australia. Contact bookings@cotasa.org.au or 8232 0422 to book.

Moving Right Along is a resource developed by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure and is being delivered by COTA SA.