Managing Change - when life isn't how you want it to be

When: 3, 10, 17, 24 October 2018
Time: 9:30am - 12:00pm
Where: Board Room 2, Freemasons' Hall, 254 North Terrace

Cost: $180

To book email joy.nugent@internode.on.net

This series of four sessions offers participants useful strategies for both under-standing and reducing anxieties and fears related to any life changes including end of natural life fears and anxieties.

Participants will be practically supported with not just knowledge leading to a deeper understanding but with self help strategies for individual and group practice.

The practical presentations will be relaxed and interactive and are based in current mindfulness psychological research.

  1. MINDFULNESS—Why? An overview and some useful strategies for paying attention. (c’mon inner peace I’ve only got a few minutes)
  2. ANGER—mindful awareness of difficult emotions & why & how to treasure not to trash these feelings that demand and deserve our full attention.
  3. FORGIVENESS of self & others - dealing with life’s inevitable regrets and helpful strategies especially for when forgiveness is simply too hard.
  4. HAPPINESS and mindfulness - what the studies show & why winning power ball likely won’t up your happiness score.

Presented by Frances Kelly.

Frances Kelly is an experienced mindfulness practitioner, educator and counsellor and has trained in the US and Australia. Fran has a Bachelor of Education, a Diploma of Teaching and a Masters degree in Social Science. She is a member of both the Australian Counselling Association and Medita-tion Australia where she is a listed accredited teacher.

She is the creator of four free mindfulness apps, both IOS and Android (also available in CD format) and has been facilitating mindfulness programs in SA since 2004. Importantly Fran is a human being who realises with gratitude at this stage in her longevity that it’s true .... mindfulness meditation—that is paying attention on purpose—does have a point ....