SciPubMedImage: What does it take to look inside you?

This month in SciPub the question is, how do doctors take pictures of the inner body? Medical imaging is commonly used to make sure that everything in the body is as it should be. It promotes high quality healthcare and can save lives. But how does it work? What are the most common imaging techniques used? How safe is it? Head along to Science in the Pub to find out about the physics of medical imaging used by doctors to look inside your body for your health.

Where: Rob Roy Hotel - 106 Haliax Street Adelaide , SA 5000
When: Friday, 7th July 2017
Time: 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM. Doors are open from 5:30pm and due to the popularity of some past events, we would advise patrons to arrive early to avoid any disappointment.

The event if FREE but you need to register at EventBrite.

The panellists for #SciPubMedImage are:

Dr Donald McRobbie - Chief Medical Physicist, Flinders Medical Centre
Dr Amanda Brason - Principle Physicist, South Australia Medical Imaging
Dr Luke Oakden-Rayner
- Radiologist, University of Adelaide

The principal goal of SciPub is to make science engaging, accessible and accountable to the public. Each panel consists of three experts who deliver short, 10-15 minute presentations on their area of expertise and then discuss questions from the audience via a moderator. Panellists are selected primarily on their ability to effectively communicate science in an engaging and non-technical manner. SciPub is held in a pub so that scientists, aspiring scientists, and non-scientists can learn, discuss and think critically about hot topics in science.