ECSA 2018 State Election - Put your vote where your voice is

Supporting older South Australians to vote at the 2018 State Election

Guest Blog Post: Electoral Commission SA

On Saturday 17 March 2018, over 1.2 million South Australians will have their say and vote in the State Election. For many of us, heading down to the local school or community hall to vote (and maybe having a sausage or two afterwards) is a happy tradition. However, Electoral Commission SA recognises that there are many reasons why it can be difficult to vote in person at a polling booth on polling day. These reasons can include:

  • Illness or mobility issues
  • Disability
  • Caring for someone who has a disability or is unwell
  • Working
  • Travelling
  • Or a number of other personal circumstances.

Therefore, Electoral Commission SA offers a range of options to support you to vote - whatever your situation.

Postal voting

Many older South Australians apply to vote in state elections via postal ballot. Application forms are available now from our website or any Australia Post outlet. More information is available at https://www.ecsa.sa.gov.au/voting/voting-at-the-state-election/postal-voting.

If you don't have access to the internet, or have difficulty visiting an Australia Post outlet, call us on 1300 655 232 and we will be happy to mail an application form out to you. Once applications are received by us, ballot paper packs will be distributed from 5 March 2018.

Register of Declaration Voters

The Register of Declaration Voters is similar to postal voting. The main difference is that once you are on the Register, you will automatically receive a postal ballot for all future state and federal elections - you don't need to re-apply. To apply to become a registered declaration voter you must meet certain criteria.

More information is available at https://www.ecsa.sa.gov.au/voting/voting-at-the-state-election/postal-voting

Voting in hospitals and nursing homes

To assist residents of institutions such as nursing homes, hostels, convalescent homes and hospitals, we will offer in-person voting facilities at more than 270 locations across South Australia this March. Trained and vetted electoral officials (known as Electoral Visitors) will visit institutions to take votes in the week prior to polling day. This service allows residents to be issued with a vote in-person at the institution, but the service is not intended for staff or visitors.

To find out if Electoral Visitors will be attending your facility, you can view the full list on our website https://www.ecsa.sa.gov.au/voting/voting-at-the-state-election/voting-in-hospital or call us on 1300 655 232 to check.

Voting early, interstate and overseas

Perhaps you're planning a trip to see the grandkids interstate, taking the caravan for a road trip, or heading to a faraway tropical paradise this March?

For some people who are travelling, the best option is to attend one of our pre-poll voting centres and vote before you leave. These pre-poll centres are open from 5 March to 16 March. A full list of locations will be available on our website by mid-February.

If you will already be outside of South Australia by 5 March, we also have pre-poll centres in every Australian capital city and a limited number of overseas locations. All information about voting interstate or overseas is available on our website at https://ecsa.sa.gov.au/voting/voting-at-the-state-election/voting-interstate

If you're unsure if any of these options will work for you, or you have any questions about voting in the upcoming State Election, please call us on 1300 655 232 and one of our Customer Service Operators will assist you.