Women's Health Week 2017

60+ Moments - What Gives Your Life Zest?

Take a moment

As the days become longer and the first of the spring blossom is welcoming in the new season it's a good reminder to us all to stop and smell the roses.

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives this old adage is not only timely, but actually quite modern in its decree. Taking the time to reflect - or to stop and smell the roses - is very close to ‘mindfulness' the more modern mantra proclaiming the benefit of that basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we're doing. It is the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.....

As part of ZestFest and our 60+ Moments project, we are inviting all older South Australians to take a moment to stop and reflect. We're asking older people to take the time to notice what gives zest to your life - zest being that special something that gives your life some extra flavour or enjoyment. It might be the grandchildren, the garden, your hobby or your passion, it could be something small and passing or something large and constant - it may well be more than a couple of things.

Take a selfie

Once you have determined what gives you your zest in life - we will ask you to take a selfie with the addition of whatever it takes to respond to the question. Of course we understand that some people may need a hand with this - so we are also running 60+ Moments workshops in Mount Gambier, Whyalla and Renmark in mid to late September to provide guidance and skills development in this area.

Ring Lyn at COTA SA on 8232 0422 (country callers freecall 1800 182 324) to book for a workshop. Any older person (we're not going to check how old you are!) can submit photographs to be projected onto significant buildings in public spaces to tell the stories about what gives their life ZEST.

Sharing the zest

Once we have collated all the images produced from the 60+ Moments project we will present them as large format outdoor projections in Adelaide along with the regional centres in South Australia. The dates for the regional projections will be: Whyalla 19 October, Renmark 27 October and Mount Gambier 28 October.

ZestFest - the Festival for Modern Ageing will be presented throughout South Australia from the 7th through to the 27th of October. 60+ Moments is a digital photography project creating new images and expectations of our older years, boldly reframing the way we age. It will challenge perceptions of ageing and celebrate older people, their creative voice and capacity to contribute and provide an opportunity for individuals to express what's personally important to them in a changing world.

Be a part of it

So as you head out this spring and stop to smell the roses - ask yourself ‘What gives me my zest for life' We can't wait to see your response!

Check out http://www.60plusmoments.illuminart.com.au/ for more details and to get involved.