Spotlight on… Peer Education


In this fortnight's blog post we're putting a spotlight on our Peer Education Programs.

What is Peer Education:

Peer education is a process for sharing information, it looks at the way that people learn - and the fact that people will tend to learn and make changes as a result of that learning differently based on who's doing the teaching. People who share common ground - peers - teach and learn from one another in an interactive setting.

COTA SA's Peer Education:

Through our Seniors Peer Education Centre, COTA SA peer educators share practical and useful information on a variety of topics in information sessions hosted by seniors' groups and organisations. Our sessions focus on empowering seniors to age well.

The sessions are:

• free of charge
• run by fully trained volunteer Peer Educators, who themselves, are seniors
• available throughout South Australia
• practically focussed, including discussion of simple strategies to deal with the issues raised
• designed to be interactive - activities, handouts and discussions where attendees are encouraged to share their own ideas and experiences with the group
• booked and hosted by seniors' organisations and groups

The topics we currently offer are:

• COTA - who we are, what we do, programs, services, and member benefits
Moving Right Along - Older drivers, safer vehicles, fitness to drive and assessments
Moving Right Along - Travel options and retiring from driving
Moving Right Along - Motorised mobility scooters
Maximising My Independence - At home and in the community
Step Forward Together - Your wellbeing, your plan
Pills and Spills - medicines
Pills and Spills - falls prevention

Book a session:

You can book a session now for your seniors group, through our website or by calling the Bookings Office on 8232 0422