Who can help me? COTA SA can!

Many older Australian's are challenged when looking to access relevant information concerning topics such as, health, housing and independent living.

One of the most asked questions has been "WHO CAN HELP ME?" The new answer is COTA SA CAN.

COTA SA has developed Information Access specifically to assist older Australians who are seeking support to access information.

What is the Information Access service?

Information Access service is an initiative of COTA SA to support older people or their family members who are looking for information on specific issues of concern to them.

When people call COTA SA with a request for information they are matched with a Volunteer Facilitator who has knowledge of how to access information in the area of concern.

Initially, a 45 minute appointment with a Volunteer can be booked. You can meet in person or over the telephone with the Volunteer, who will listen and support you to navigate the pathways to access the information you want. You will be assisted to prepare your own simple action plan which you will be able to take away with you.

Two additional 45 minute meetings are available if you would like additional support to access information you want.

The service is free to members and non-members.

What topics can a volunteer assist you with finding information about?

Topics available are diverse and people can request assistance on multiple topics.

Some issues which people have sought information about include;

  • Navigating ‘My Aged Care'
  • Finding an Advanced Care Directive form
  • Navigating My Gov
  • Renewing a drivers licence

Ring COTA SA for more details on topics available.

How do I access the Information Access service?

Simply call COTA SA and explain what information or assistance is required. An appointment will be made for you to meet in person or via telephone with one of our Information Access volunteers.

Appointments are held at the COTA SA office 16 Hutt Street Adelaide, but if you are unable to come in to the office for an appointment volunteer's may hold the meeting over the telephone.

What people are saying about COTA SA's Information Access.

"Quite helpful, informative, would be useful to come back a couple of times. Very appreciative of the assistance offered, as a person who lives alone and is conscious of the need for social connections". 

"Excellent, I would recommend to others. Couldn't be more helpful, communication was outstanding"

"Information was good. Big help. Would absolutely recommend Information Access to others - I needed help guiding through ‘my aged care'.

"Action plan was brilliant, helpful. Would recommend service to others", "Appointment helped"

P: (08) 8232 0422
Country calls 1800 182 324