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Flinders Innovation Centre

Flinders Innovation Centre

28/3/2017 - Guest Blogger, Adrian Bragagnolo, Operations Coordinator

In our last blog post we introduced Tonsley Innovation District, in this blog post we're handing over to Adrian Bragagnolo to introduce one of the exciting initiatives operating there, the Flinders Innovation Centre.

Your Gateway to quality 3D printing

flinders innovation centre 3d printsTraditional manufacturing in South Australia is declining. Here at the Flinders Innovation Centre at Flinders at Tonsley, we house a $250,000 Stratasys Connex 260 3D printer, one of the most advanced plastic printers in the state. We offer a cost recovery 3D printing and 3D scanning service, through a partnership between the New Venture Institute at Flinders and the Government of South Australia.

The reason why this initiative is in place is to raise the awareness and usage of this technology. People are very quickly realising the potential of what they can create using additive manufacturing technologies (3D Printing). It is not just used for creating prototypes but alternate parts like tools, jigs and fixtures. We are pushing the boundaries of this printer more than ever before, printing fully assembled, movable parts with absolute precision.

flinders innovation centre 3d scannerOur 3D scanner is an Artec Spider and can produce phenomenal scans. It has been used in many instances to reverse engineer certain parts, which are too complex to CAD model from scratch. 3D scanning is a great option for people who don't have the experience in using a CAD package, this is why we offer this scanning service for free. People can come in, have a play on the 3D scanner with no cost incurred.

What is unique about this service is not only the affordability, but also the degree of quality and accuracy in the results.

flinders innovation centre injection moulding toolThe image on the right demonstrates a printed injection moulding tool. This part was placed in an injection moulding machine and withstood enormous pressures to produce around 100 parts before the mould failed. This is a game changer in the manufacturing industry. In terms of the testing phase in the manufacturing process; at $150-$200 is possible to create multiple prototypes. This is a great reassurance step to take prior to spending $15,000- $20,000 on final metal tooling to make sure the part is correct.

Approximately 200 business currently utilise this service and many for completely different purposes, anything from one off prototypes to essential parts needed in their automated manufacturing processes. We offer this service to:

- Industry
- Start-ups
- Individuals
- Researchers
- Schools
- Students

Our aim is to accelerate the adoption of key innovation technologies that are critical to South Australia's future industries.

Manufacturing in SA may be declining, but additive manufacturing could be a solution.

For more information visit the NVI Flinders website https://www.nviflinders.com.au/what-we-provide/flindersinnovationcentre/

Visit Tonsley Innovation District

Would you like to see the Innovation District for yourself? The team at Tonsley Innovation District has kindly arranged a walking tour for COTA SA Members and Supporters on Monday April 10th, beginning at 10am and concluding at 11am. This tour will give you an overview of the district. While it will be a slow walk and talk, participants will be on their feet for the duration of the tour (approx. 1 hour) so please only RSVP if you're comfortable walking for an hour without a seat.

RSVP Essential, attendance is free but spaces are strictly limited so please register your attendance with COTA SA reception on 08 8232 0422 or cotasa@cotasa.org.au

Participants are asked to meet at the statue of Matthew Flinders located in the town square area of the MAB. Enter the MAB from the Flinders University building (Northern) end (MAB Gate 1 from South Rd side or MAB Gate 8 from Alawoona Ave side). There is a statue of Matthew Flinders in the town square area identified as #10 on the site map (https://tonsley.com.au/content/uploads/2016/10/Tonsley-Site-Map-0ct2016.pdf ). The site map also indicates parking areas available from either South Rd or Alawoona Ave entries, however Tonsley visitors travelling from the City are encouraged to consider catching the Tonsley train from the Adelaide Railway Station on North Terrace, alighting at the Clovelly Park station.