What we've got planned for 2017


Before 2017 gets to be middle aged, COTA SA takes this opportunity to wish you a very Happy New Year!

2016 was a busy year for the community of COTA SA and brought with it many challenges that will help shape 2017. We look forward to using our collective energy, creativity and commitment to make it our best year yet!

Reframing Ageing to reflect modern older lives continues to underpin everything we do, and will be the foundation of our activities in 2017 - we will keep creating new images, possibilities and opportunities and we will keep challenging ageism and age discrimination.

  • Our Strength for Life program was reviewed in 2016 and we now have good evidence to suggest that it makes a positive difference to older people in terms of both strength and balance. Strength for Life is available at 88 gyms throughout SA.
  • COTA SA has a well-deserved national reputation for our various Peer Education programs - with the aim of enabling older South Australians to live well on their own terms, our Peer Education team takes interesting and informative sessions to groups and organisations; this year we'll be bringing back favourite topics such as our Moving Right Along series for older road users, and Maximising My Independence and Step Forward Together for people starting to look at aged care options.
  • The Every Generation Festival, our annual arts and community festival for older South Australians, will be turning 50 this year - it's a big year so stay posted!
  • Policy is, as always a cornerstone to what we do and we'll be continuing to define and communicate our policy platform - including looking forward to the 2018 State election. Our Policy Council has some new members in 2017. It will continue to focus on age discrimination, cost of living, housing, employment and health as some of its priorities but it is likely to also have a say on other things that matter - elder abuse, innovation of services and products, road safety and insurance.
  • We launched eVolve late last year, our new online magazine, and the first two editions have already received some great feedback. We are still developing it, with plans to make it bigger and more interactive in 2017.
  • We will offer lots of opportunities for Conversations with COTA SA in 2017 including to support us to develop a platform in the lead up to the 2018 State Election. Keep an eye on our calendar for Conversations both here at our office in Hutt Street Adelaide and out and about in different parts of the State.
  • Our Community Connections events team will be out and about in 2017 bring information, news and opportunities to be part of our growing COTA SA community - if you know of any events in your area that COTA SA should be at, please let us know
  • Our regular seminar series and workshops - about topics from health to computing to decluttering - will continue and are free for COTA SA members
  • We are continuing to work with government, industry and others to make sure older people are part of an emerging network of Living Labs in SA. You heard us start talking about this last year and we'll be bringing you more on these as the year goes on - watch this space!
  • National - while COTA SA is a local organisation, we are part of a strong COTA Federation, including COTA Australia based in Canberra and prominent advocates about things that matter including aged care, retirement income and health.

Get involved...

If you are not already a member of COTA SA, we invite you to join us and show your support. This is just taste of what we've got planned for 2017 - and we'd love to hear from you about what you'd like to see from COTA SA in the coming year.