That Was the Year 2015

The Year That Was, 2015 - And What's Next


Happy new year!!

We'd like to wish you a healthy, happy new year from the whole team at COTA SA; we'd also like to thank you for being part of COTA SA in 2015 and hope you'll continue with us as we make 2016 even better.

In this, our first blog post of the new year we'll take a look back at what 2015 brought and give you a taste for what's coming up in 2016.

2015 saw many changes for COTA SA. We started the year with a new leader in CE Jane Mussared and as the year went on we brought on board a new management team in Sarah Groth and Kirsty Rawlings. With a new team at the helm, 2015 saw COTA SA setting new aims and priorities - including starting to work towards our goal of #ReframingAgeing; it's time to change the way we look at ageing, to push the boundaries and extend the possibilities for the older people in SA.

2015 was the year we fully embraced social media, becoming active on both Facebook and Twitter - click the links if you'd like to see what we're saying on either of these, we'd love it if you'd join the conversation! We also launched our fortnightly blog and e-newsletter which are proving very popular; if there's anything we haven't covered or that you'd like to see more (or less) of, please let us know.

In terms of our programs, October saw a reinvented Every Generation Festival offering a wide variety of events from old favourites such as the movie morning and a day trip to new offerings such as our inaugural lecture and a musical spectacular. Strength for Life continued to grow, adding more partners in both rural and metropolitan areas making it easier to access sessions near you. Our newest peer education topic for 2015, which proved very popular, was Moving Right Along, which looked at the issues facing older drivers and encouraged discussion about driving safely, motorised mobility scooter safety, and alternatives to driving. Moving Right Along was nominated as a finalist for the community achievement awards, although it didn't win this made clear what an impact the program has had.

Finally, of course campaigning and policy activities continued to be a focus for COTA SA throughout 2015 - through our regular activities on advisory committees, boards and via our consumer representatives as well as responding on the ground to issues as they arose. In 2015 COTA SA campaigned on diverse issues including:

  • The Transforming Health Proposals Paper
  • The Cost of Living Concession
  • The State Budget
  • Utilities pricing
  • The new cycling rules
  • Older women and poverty

What's next?

2016 is a new year with great possibilities. It will see us #ReframingAgeing throughout South Australia. We'll be talking to our members asking for their views both of where COTA SA is now and of what our key priorities should be in the future. We'll also be offering a number of events such as seminars covering topics of interest; and regular conversations on issues of the day. The Every Generation Festival will continue its exciting reinvention - keep watching out for news on this. Also, new Peer Education topics will be offered this year.

It's going to be a busy year - we hope you'll join us for the ride!