policy council

COTA SA's Policy Council


COTA SA is an older people's organisation, run by, with and for older people. Our independence and comprehensive engagement program with many of the 590,000 South Australians over the age of 50 enables us to be a strong advocate for the aspirations, views and interests of older people to government, business and the community.

Our policy agenda

COTA SA runs an active policy agenda on a wide range of issues including housing, aged care, retirement income, health and well-being, cost of living, age discrimination and employment. The COTA SA Policy Council, a subcommittee of the COTA SA Board, provides regular advice on key policy issues and strategies.

The policy council

Our Policy Council meets every two months to frame, develop and inform the policy directions for COTA SA both at State level and nationally through COTA Australia. Our aim is that membership of the Council reflect the diversity of older South Australians so that discussions are rich, informed and representative.

Our Policy Council members are precious contributors to the daily work of COTA SA. As well as attending two monthly meetings on a broad agenda of topics, members of the Council also work from time to time in smaller groups or individually on issues identified by the Council as of particular priority to our community. Most recently Policy Council members have contributed through research and discussion from their expertise and lived experience on issues including age discrimination, voluntary euthanasia and marriage equality.

The Policy Council is chaired by SA former equal opportunity commissioner and public advocate, Anne Burgess. Under Anne's leadership the policy council operates under a strong anti-discrimination and social justice framework.

You can get involved

Members of the Council are appointed for two year terms and we regularly review the Council's composition to ensure it reflects the breadth of our older population in SA. We're currently looking for new members who are passionate about the possibilities of our ageing, and who can offer experience and skills in areas of life including housing, digital access, education, contribution, volunteering and leadership. In your role as a policy council member you will be supported, encouraged and make a real contribution to the work of COTA SA to improve outcomes for the most vulnerable in our population.

For more information, including how to apply, visit https://www.cotasa.org.au/policy/PolicyCouncil/seeking-new-policy-council-members.aspx