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Take control of your future - planning ahead week 2016


It's time to talk about taking control of your future!

The 12th to the 16th of September marks Planning Ahead Week 2016. Planning Ahead Week is about raising community awareness of the things you can do to ensure that your choices and wishes are known and respected in times of poor health, in case of an accident or with regards to end of life care.

The benefits

The benefit of planning ahead is that you put it all in place so your wishes will be acted on - even if you're not able to express them at the time. Additionally, thinking about your future and making your wishes known in advance can help reduce family stress and conflict during times of crisis.

The Tools

It's important for all adults to understand the benefits of early planning - and the tools that are available. Various legal tools are available to help secure future health, financial, legal and personal choices – such as:

What next?

It's never too early to plan ahead:

  • Be informed - watch this video from SA Health https://youtu.be/AWdn0HEH9sQ
  • Visit www.sahealth.sa.gov.au/planningahead for more information and resources
  • Find out more - SA Health has a very useful Planning Ahead Frequently Asked Questions document
  • Talk to your family now about your future wishes.
  • Get legal advice - COTA SA has a solicitor who comes in once a week on a Monday morning, the initial appointment is free - contact us to make an appointment.  Alternatively you can contact the Legal Services Commission for free legal information and advice
  • Act now to protect your future rights, wishes, values and preferences

Finally, COTA SA:

  • Offers a variety of programs aimed at promoting health, well-being and positive ageing; enhancing quality of life; and increasing participation in the community - visit our Programs Page for more information
  • Holds and promotes events aimed at empowering and educating older South Australians - visit our Events Page for more information