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Income Protection and Security


13th Global Conference on Ageing 2016

ifaThe 13th Global Conference on Ageing, run by the International Federation on Ageing (IFA), is coming up - and this year it's returning to Australia where it'll be hosted in Brisbane by COTA Queensland. Click Here if you'd like to read our previous blog post introducing the conference and the IFA.

Income Protection and Security 

Income protection and security is a hot topic - it's an ongoing concern for older adults and for the communities and decision makers looking to create a sustainable economy in the future in the wake of significant demographic changes.

Between 2000 and 2050 the proportion of the world's population of people 60 years and older will double from 11% to 22%, this is a major demographic shift which will presents unique challenges going forward. Challenges for governments, organisations and policy contributors who will need to explore new sustainable pension and employment systems; and challenges for older adults for whom the security of their income and its protection is a major concern.

At the conference...

Papers received by the IFA 13th Global Conference on Ageing on this area so far include topics such as

  • The adequacy of the Australian Retirement Income System, in particular its two pillars – the aged pension system and compulsory superannuation.
  • The rapid global growth in mature age unemployment and the adverse impact on retirement savings.
  • The need to urgently reform the Canadian pension system.
  • Discrimination against women in the United Kingdom pension system.
  • Changing family values in developing countries and the adverse impact on older family members.

Speakers around this subject include:

  • Professor Simon Biggs, Brotherhood of St Laurence Professor of Gerontology and Social Policy at the University of Melbourne and IFA Member.  Prof. Biggs and colleagues will be presenting a Symposium entitled, “Pension Reform and the Mature Age Unemployment Challenge”
  • Mr. Danis Prudhomme, Executive Director of the Federation for Ageing in Dignity and Overall Quality and IFA Member.  At the IFA 13th Global Conference on Ageing, Mr. Prudhomme will focus on income security in an ageing world
  • Associate Professor Cheryl Tilse, University of Queensland who is a lead investigator in the Assets, Ageing and Intergenerational Transfers Research Program.  Associate Professor Tilse will present on intergenerational financial transfers and the management of older people’s financial assets

For full information on Income Protection and Security at the 13th Global Conference on Ageing visit: http://ifa2016.org.au/income-protection-and-security/

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