Blog | 13th Global Conference on Ageing

International Federation on Ageing, 13th Global Conference on Ageing

29/9/2015 - Jane Mussared

jane mAgeing, and getting the policies right which relate to ageing, is important not only in Australia but around the world.  With this in mind the International Federation on Ageing (IFA) began its work in 1973 when the trend toward population ageing started to become apparent.  The IFA is a global organisation with members including governments, organisations, academia and individuals.  It aims to connect those who have the expertise and knowledge to shape age-related policy and thereby achieve its vision of a world of healthy older people whose rights and choices are both protected and respected.

The IFA believes in ‘generating positive change for older people throughout the world by stimulating, collecting, analysing, and disseminating information on rights, policies, and practices that improve the quality of life of people as they age.'

In order to make its goals a reality the IFA performs various functions including:

  • being a membership organisation which allows it to represent, connect  and mobilise numerous individuals and organisations to its cause
  • maintaining a library of resources related to ageing (some of which are only available to members)
  • operating a variety of projects
  • is one of only a handful of NGOs in the field of ageing with General Consultative Status at the United Nations and its agencies which permits the IFA to be a voice on behalf at these meetings
  • organising conferences and meetings – including the Global Conference on Ageing

Having common interests, COTA has been actively involved with the IFA for many years and, in fact, next year sees the 13th Global Conference on Ageing returning to Australia where it will be held in Brisbane and hosted by COTA Queensland.

The topic for the conference will be Disasters in an Ageing World - however it will also continue to advance IFA’s other agendas in Age-friendly Cities and Communities, Aged Care, Elder Abuse and Income Protection.

The Conference will include international keynote speakers including Dr. John Beard, Director, Department of Ageing and Life Course, World Health Organization who will present and discuss the WHO Global Report on Ageing due to be released later this year; oral presentations; posters; an exhibition and social events.

Registration’s open to anyone who’s interested, with early bird discounts being available until March 2016.  Visit the conference website for more information.