COTA SA Strategic Plan 2014-2017

COTA SA Strategic Plan 2014-2017


That ageing in Australia is a time of possibility, opportunity and influence.


To advance the rights, interests and futures of Australians as we age.

Who we are

COTA SA is the peak body representing the interests of older South Australians.

It has 17,000 individual members and 250 seniors' organisations, such as aged care providers, councils and educational institutions, with a combined membership of more than 60,000.

Through our membership in the national COTA federation we influence national policy that affects older Australians and draw on the resources and expertise of our national body.

COTA SA's strategic plan is for a four-year period, from 2014 to 2017.

Strategic aims

Our aim is to advance the rights, needs and interests of older South Australians.

To do this, we will pursue five key strategies:


Profile & reputation

Promote COTA SA as South Australia's peak body on ageing through highly regarded policy, programs, and services that reflect the diversity of South Australia's older population


Advocacy & policy

Influence decision-makers in government, business, the community and the media through our high-quality research, policy, advocacy and communication


Programs & activities

Develop and deliver a suite of programs and activities tailored to promote the participation, rights, needs and interests of older people


Business & commercial development

Increase and diversify the revenue stream to the organisation to ensure its long-term viability


Capacity & sustainability


Invest in innovation, best-practice contemporary management, technology and our human resources to ensure we have the skills and means to achieve our goals over the medium to long term

These aims will be supported by two-year operational plans.

We will review our progress on an annual basis and, aware of the environment in which we operate, will revise these goals and operational plans as necessary.

Read the full strategic plan for 2014 - 2017