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The Strength for life program promotes health and well-being amongst people over 50 through strength training programs run by accredited fitness providers.
The program encourages older South Australians to attend strength training sessions by promoting the benefits  of strength training to people over 50.
The program aims to increase access to strength training programs for people 50 years and over by training and endorsing fitness providers  to run sessions throughout South Australia. 
SFL program is intent on continuous improvement, so COTA has introduced 2 categories to SFL:
  • Tier 1 involves exercise physiologists directly in the program; baseline testing conducted at commencement and after 3 months. Attracts rebates from Health Funds (and sometimes from Medicare).
  • Tier 2 involves fitness instructors conducting the program and confidently managing participants' long term needs. Some funds now pay benefits if program is conducted by fitness instructors. 

Strength For Life Aqua is coming!

COTA SA will be introducing SFL Aqua into multiple facilities with pools throughout 2018. The first SFL Aqua classes are now available at Waterworld, Tea Tree Gully.

Interested in finding out more?

Click here for a factsheet about strength training and what Strength for life can offer you.

Getting started

Contact your local accredited Strength for life fitness provider

Participants, To Enrol in a Strength for life program you will require an:
  • Enrolment Form
  • and Pre Activity questionnaire
If you answer yes to any questions on the pre activity questionnaire you will also need the medical referral form to be completed by your Doctor.

If you have had recent treatment with a physiotherapist for a musculoskeletal issue, you can take the allied health form to the physio for completion before you attend your assessment.

When all of your forms are completed call the SFL Centre that you would like to attend and book in for an assessment - take all the forms with you.

Click Here to download the enrolment form and and Pre-activity readiness questionnaire to take with you

Health Practitioners, Click Here for more information and to access medical referral forms

SFL Partners, Click Here to log in and download forms or access information on upcoming training

Contact Us for more information on the program