COTA SA makes submissions on behalf of older South Australians to governments, regulators and other bodies.

The aim of these submissions is to promote the interests of older people by influencing decisions and actions that affect them.

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Consultation On The Review Of The State Public Health Plan South Australia: A Better Place To Live
May 2018 - This feedback responds to an invitation to comment on the review of SA's inaugural Public Health Plan released in November 2013 as part of the implementation of the South Australian Public Health Act, 2011 (The Act).
COTA SA Response To Elder Abuse Responses – Safeguarding The Rights Of Older South Australians Discussion Paper 2017.
January 2018 - This submission responds to Elder Abuse Responses - Safeguarding the rights of older South Australians Discussion Paper 2017.
COTA South Australia Submission to the Joint Committee on matters relating to Elder Abuse in South Australia
March 2017 - This submission responds to the terms of reference for the Joint Committee of the Parliament of South Australia on matters relating to Elder Abuse. We welcome the Committee’s inquiry and share its commitment to understand, review and improve our community’s responses to older people who experience abuse.
COTA SA Submission to the Government of South Australia State Budget 2017-18
February 2017 - COTA SA is calling on the State Government to help rewrite the script when it comes to ageing in South Australia by using the 2017-18 State Budget to fund initiatives that enable older people to be key influencers of service design, research and innovation.
Submission To The Australian Consumer Law Review
December 2016 - While COTA SA cannot claim to be a specialist in consumer law, we regularly outreach into the older community, and we are in touch with what matters to older people and the challenges many face. We are pleased to pass on to the review the experiences and concerns older people have raised with us through their various consumer journeys, and also to provide COTA SA's overarching comments about the landscape of consumer law as it relates to older people.
COTA SA Response To The Draft Powers Of Attorney Bill (2016).
April 2016 - COTA SA was recently invited by the Attorney-General to comment on the draft Powers of Attorney Bill (2016). This is our response.
COTA SA Submission to Housing SA Private Rental Inquiry
February 2016 - COTA SA appreciates the opportunity to provide this submission to the Housing SA exploration into options for making private rental assistance fairer and more sustainable.
Submission to the State Government to consider in its 2016-17 Budget formulations.
January 2016 - The submission provides recommendations for the Government of South Australia to consider in its 2016-17 Budget formulations.
Submission to the Taxi and Chauffeur industry review
October 2015 - COTA SA welcomes the independent review of the taxi and chauffeur industry in South Australia. COTA SA has canvassed opinions from its own policy council and, through them, the community of older people in South Australia to inform the contents of this submission.
Letter to The Hon Stephen Mulligan MP re shared use of footpaths – cyclists and pedestrians
20/10/2015 - As the peak body representing the rights, needs and interests of older people in South Australia, COTA SA is receiving significant negative reaction to the announcement. There has been a strong view that the Government has sacrificed the safety of footpath users to respond to a vocal cyclist lobby. Of particular concern is the risk to footpath users who are vulnerable because of limited mobility and sensory acuity. Not all of these vulnerable users are older, but a significant proportion are and they (and we) are very concerned about the announcement.
A Conversation with COTA SA in Port Augusta 26 June 2015
August 2015 - Twenty-eight older people met with COTA SA Chief Executive, Jane Mussared, in Port Augusta on 26 June 2015 to talk about their experience of growing older in Port Augusta and the surrounding region.
Investing in ageing | State Budget 2015-2016 COTA SA submission to state government
March 2015 - A Centre of Excellence in Ageing is a key proposal in COTA SA’s submission to the state government for the 2015-16 Budget.
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