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Media Releases


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Media Releases
COTA SA Calls On Politicians To Attend To The Basics For Older South Australians
5/2/18 - More than 633,000 South Australians are aged over 50, and they will make up more than half of the voters at the March state election - yet there seems to be little understanding of what matters to them and what they are asking for.
Heatwave prompts warning to look out for older South Australians
18/1/2018 - With the mercury set to hit 41 degrees over the next two days, COTA SA is urging all South Australians to look out for those older people whose health may be at risk.
COTA SA welcomes “fairer” Retirement Villages Act reforms
31/12/2017 - The State Government's new Retirement Villages Act, which come into force tomorrow (January 1, 2018), represents a fairer deal for those living in retirement villages, achieving a higher level of transparency and protections, says COTA SA.
Leading seniors advocate, COTA SA, says Yes to marriage equality
19/9/2017 COTA SA has announced its strong support for marriage equality and is encouraging older South Australians to vote in the Same Sex Marriage survey.
COTA SA urges SA Government to act on findings from Ageing on the Edge project
17/9/2017 - COTA SA, the peak advocacy body for older people in South Australia, has urged the State Government to take heed of findings in the Ageing on the Edge project report -"Finding a Suitable Home for Older People at Risk of Homelessness in SA".
COTA SA Welcomes Overdue Focus On Mental Health For Older People And Boost For Innovation In Modern Ageing
22/6/2017 - COTA SA has applauded two important announcements in today's budget - the $14.6m allocation to build a new dementia and mental health facility for older people and the $11.4 million investment in SA's Ageing Well sector.
Having A Say And Addressing Serious Issues Impacting Older People On COTA SA’s Budget Wish List
20/6/2017 - This week's State Budget should prioritise opportunities for 590,000-plus older South Australians to be influential in positioning SA as a showcase of modern ageing, says peak body COTA SA.
COTA SA and Aged Rights Advocacy Service (SA) welcome Oakden facility closure
21/4/2017 - COTA SA and Aged Rights Advocacy Service - South Australia (ARAS) have welcomed the State Government’s decision to close the Oakden Older Persons Mental Health Service and today urged others to speak out and take action if concerned about family members in aged care.
Every Generation Festival Comes Of Age For Its 50th Year - Welcome To ZestFest 2017!
12/4/2017 - Every Generation Festival, South Australia's annual, statewide festival designed to celebrate modern ageing, has come of age with the launch of a brand new name and look to mark its 50th anniversary. ZestFest, which will be held between October 7 - 27, will feature a series of curated events and more than 250 ‘fringe' events throughout the State to celebrate, challenge and connect older South Australians.
COTA SA calls for State Government to help rewrite the script for modern ageing
7/2/2017 - COTA SA is calling on the State Government to help rewrite the script when it comes to ageing in South Australia by using the 2017-18 State Budget to fund initiatives that enable older people to be key influencers of service design, research and innovation.
Older generations muscle in on 2017 fitness resolutions
30/1/2017 - Older generations muscle in on 2017 fitness resolutions. As the benefits of exercise later in life become more evident, an increased number of older people are flocking to the gym to take advantage and improve their quality of life.
COTA SA’s 2016 Every Generation Festival Reaches New Heights
31/10/2016 - The sun has now set on the 49th COTA SA Every Generation Festival with records broken across the board. Substantial increases in ticket sales, attendances at free events, media interest and registered community events all spell SUCCESS for the 2016 version of the Every Generation Festival and Positive Ageing Awards.
Health At The Heart Of Modern Ageing
1/9/2016 - Older people have a major stake in our health system. On average 40% of patients in our hospitals are aged between 65 and 85 years. People aged over 75 years, while making up 7% of the population, comprise 11% of the population presenting to emergency departments.
It’s Vital We Speak Up To Protect The Vulnerable Of Society
In light of this disturbing example of elder abuse COTA SA continues to advocate for more work to be done on the prevalence of elder abuse. In order to tackle the issue, we need to know more about what, when and how often elder abuse, in all of its forms, takes place. We believe that such abuse is more likely in a community that tolerates ageism and undervalues older lives. Just as tackling sexism is an important part of stopping domestic violence, so is reframing and valuing our ageing an important environmental determinant of calling out and putting a stop to elder abuse.
SA Budget Fails To Deliver For Older Workers
7/7/2016 - COTA SA has welcomed the State Government's investment in job creation but is disappointed that the Budget has failed to deliver targeted measures that will tackle age discrimination and help South Australians secure adequate employment in their 50s and 60s.
SA Budget Needs To Address Mature Age Unemployment
4/7/2016 - The state Government needs to deliver meaningful measures to improve the unemployment and under-employment of older South Australians or risk leaving them poorer, in insecure housing and less socially connected in their retirement.
Electricity price hikes will have a debilitating effect on older South Australians
16/6/2016 - COTA SA has expressed surprise and concern about the electricity price increases announced by Origin and AGL this week.
What do 594,000 older voters want?
9/6/2016 - Leading seniors advocate COTA SA will host a public forum where federal candidates from all of the major parties will have the opportunity to discuss the things that matter most to older people.
COTA SA welcomes State Government’s new Retirement Villages Bill
14/4/2016 - COTA SA has welcomed Minister Zoe Bettison's announcement that will see a new Retirement Villages Bill introduced into Parliament next week.
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