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Healthia: Health & Wellness Precinct, ACH Group

Health & Wellness Precinct, ACH Group

ACH Group, a not for profit organisation delivering aged care services to South Australians, is developing a new health and wellness precinct next to the Lyell McEwin Hospital in northern Adelaide.

The new precinct will provide opportunities to keep older people healthy, active and connected as they age. ACH Group want to create a vibrant community hub for all generations that brings together a range of health and wellness services plus others such as childcare, housing including aged care and disability, learning and training opportunities.

We are looking for older people, or younger people with a disability, who live in the Northern suburbs of Adelaide, who would like to be involved in shaping the precinct, and the programs and services that are offered.

In November, we are holding three workshops at the Playford Civic Centre and would love to hear from you.

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