BREATHE – Complimentary Film Preview Tickets

Breathe - Complimentary Film Preview Tickets

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What: One of two special advance preview screenings of BREATHE
When and Where:
Monday 27th November, 6:30pm at The Regal Theatre, 275 Kensington Road, Kensington Park
When and Where: Wednesday 29th November, 6:30pm at Piccadilly Wallis Cinemas, 181 O'Connell Street, North Adelaide SA 5006 (Corner O'Connell Street and Childers Street)

Transmission Films invites you and a guest to a special advance preview of BREATHE.

Adventurous and charismatic, Robin Cavendish has his whole life ahead of him when he is paralysed by polio while in Africa and given just months to live. Against all advice, Robin's wife Diana brings him home from hospital where her devotion and witty determination inspire him to lead a long and fulfilled life. Together they refuse to be limited by expectations, dazzling others with their humour, courage and lust for life.

To download your complimentary tickets go to http://www.showfilmfirst.com/service/ticket_checkout.php?site_country=13&ticket_code=199210 - please note, tickets are limited, if the session does not appear on the screen all complimentary tickets for that session have been taken.  This is an external website not linked to COTA SA and you will need to register or login in order to download your tickets.

BREATHE is released nationally on Boxing Day.

Check out the trailer at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olg-0xvkfmY