Tribute to Professor Graeme Hugo

COTA SA acknowledges the very significant influence on ageing research and policy of Professor Graeme Hugo who sadly died on 20 January after a short illness. As a world-famous social demographer he had been active in conducting and publicising high quality research relevant to many of the major contemporary issues facing Australia and globally.

He contributed to major national enquiries and policy debates involving population, migration and more recently ageing. He was a very highly regarded academic who had also achieved eminence as an excellent communicator and commentator and as a valuable contributor to policy developments both here and overseas across a range of subjects.

His work has been widely used by COTA and he was a valued colleague for many of us. He was a member of the research team of which I and COTA SA were also members which produced a major study on baby boomers in South Australia in 2012.Graeme was an inspiration to many COTA staff who worked across policy, programs and services and he will be greatly missed by all of us.

He is a serious loss to Australia.

Emeritus Professor Anne R Edwards AO